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Softsmith is actively seeking interesting ideas, concepts and solutions across multiple industries. We invest in the form of capital, or through the application of our own resources, or both. Our team cuts across experts in finance, operations, technology, sales, marketing and strategic business planning. We take pride in investing our intellectual capital in businesses that interest and excite us.

Our Approach

Our approach is more creative than solely investing capital. Our investment objective is to create long-term value through capital growth and cash flow by investing in a portfolio of carefully selected startups.



Ideas are life. They are engines for growth, wealth and development. However, ideas are not much if they cannot be actualized. Softsmith provides founders & startups access to capital to transform ideas into value.



The nascent stage of starting up companies is one in which founders operate within a limitation of resources. Ranging from market data, office space, subject matter experts, talent, just to mention a few, Softsmith provides the necessary resources for startups to fuel their growth.


Advisory & Support

We provide Business & Management Consulting. Mentors, by far, are very integral to the success of a startup. With access to cross-industry veterans, Softsmith provides founders a wealth of knowledge & experience pool to draw from.

Investment Process

Investment Process

Our investment process varies on a case by case basis, however, this serves as a general criteria. All investment proposals are subjected to a series of filters, including country & political risk, technical assessment, valuation methodologies.

  • Projects with potential strong market positioning & market share
  • Companies with consolidation potential
  • Industries with predictable growth and cash flow
  • Potential for national and global brand creation
  • The opportunity to partner with an existing experienced management team
  • The potential for significant value creation

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