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Softsmith is a technology consulting firm focused on building and transforming Africa’s future startups into global organizations. As the world looks to Africa, we at Softsmith are tasked with presenting Africa to the world.

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Product Development

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Our team of professionals will take your idea, understand your vision, break it down into pieces in order to build it into an MVP ready for market testing. We start from understanding your users, to creating a prototype with the goal of collecting actionable and valuable feedback, and finally developing it into an MVP tailored to your business needs.

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Innovation Consulting

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We specialize in go-to-market and growth strategy, technology advisory and innovation roadmaps.

Ranging from rebuilding your product using new technologies, scaling your startup or building an internal tool to digitize your corporate processes, we’ve got your back. 

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Business Development

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For startups to thrive, the right environment has to be created. At Softsmith, we understand this and we work on continuously creating environments for startups to succeed. Softsmith provides founders and startups access.

We continually do the work on enriching our arsenal of resources in order to enable startups and founders focus on what they’re best at - building the future. We make these resources available to startups based on their individual needs.

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